Ian Ruschel is a partner and director at Iconoclast, celebrated for his work with top global brands like Sony, Meta, Nike, Audi and Coca-Cola. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Ian’s unique visual style merges Hollywood scale with expressionist flair, crafting stories that connect deeply with audiences. His work has been recognized in numerous industry awards, highlighting his ability to portray human emotions and everyday truths with sensibility and depth. While Ian’s approach to filmmaking is both outwardly expansive and engaging, it is deeply introspective at its core, focusing on capturing the nuanced inner worlds of his characters. A fan of filmmakers like Spielberg, Kubrick, Cassavetes, Scorsese, and the avant-garde approach embodied by Jonathan Glazer, Ian appreciates a broad spectrum of cinematic styles. He believes in the power of collective creativity, where filmmaking becomes a shared journey that values the contributions of all, devoid of any egocentric focus. Inspired by his mother's imaginative tales from childhood, Ian remains dedicated to creating films that are not only visually striking but also genuinely resonant and emotionally rich.